What Should You Consider Before Buying A Backyard Pizza Oven?

People want to own a Backyard Pizza Oven for different reasons. Some people want them because they look cool and add an extra aesthetic quality. Others will want it because the high temperatures allow people to produce an authentic Italian style pizza in a way that is simply not possible in a conventional oven.

Before you buy a backyard pizza oven, you need to think about your backyard. As with any appliance or item of furniture you have to be aware of the space that is available to you, as well as how easy it will be to access. There is also the issue of whether or not you want a mobile appliance to make it easier to bring pizzas in and out or one that is solely based outside.

There is also the material that the oven is made from that needs to be properly considered. Ideally you want them to be made from a firebrick that is specifically formed for the cooking process (some of the heavier duty firebricks are designed for furnaces and may not be appropriate for the cooking process.) You want to make sure that the oven is correctly balanced as this will allow you to evenly cook both sides of the pizza.

As with any product, it helps to check reviews on the different options available as this will make it easier to narrow down the options and find the best backyard pizza oven that will work best for you and your own personal backyard.

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  • Scott is amazing to work with. We love our pizza oven. He educated us and helped us find the model best for our family! High quality, we could not have asked for a better experience, or a better product. Don’t think twice make the purchase!

    michele rogers Avatar michele rogers
  • There isn’t enough I can say about Backyard Brickoven . First, Scott helped me thru the purchasing process by answering all questions I had about the oven, what my needs are, and assisting with helping select the best product for me. It didn’t end there; Backyard Brickoven was extremely helpful in arranging delivery for me, Furthermore, their support didn’t end there. For the 2 years that I have had the oven – which is my prized outdoor piece of equipment – Scott has continued to provide immediate support for any questions I have had regarding operating, modifying, and occasionally repairing components of the oven. Their customer support is second to none as is the product they sell.

    Guy Albertelli Avatar Guy Albertelli
  • I purchased the extra large Neapolitan oven, it’s the most heavy and efficient thing I have ever seen. I cook all types of pizza, steaks and fish on it it has never let me down my family loves it. Thank you so much guys I recommend everybody get this.

    David Frydberg Avatar David Frydberg
  • Scott and the team were awesome to work with. The customer service is phenomenal. The oven (Family XL) is nothing but quality and performs great!

    brian cervone Avatar brian cervone
  • I have the extra-large Neapolitan oven and I am pleased with the quality of the oven. It is well built and very heavy, I had to make a hoist to get it onto the cart. I cooked 10 pizzas and 2 loaves of bread on the first day that I used the oven and got great reviews from my family and friends. I am looking forward to cooking different types of recipes in the oven. Scott was great to work with, I highly recommend Back Yard Brick Ovens to anyone looking for a wood fired oven.

    Michael Zammit Avatar Michael Zammit

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