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Buying a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven? Here’s the Lowdown.

There are many different styles and options in pizza ovens when it come to the Best Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens . One of the most popular options is a wood fired pizza oven. This is the traditional option for cooking, with the outdoor wood fired pizza oven providing an amazing smoky flavor.

Taking a few simple steps before buying an outdoor wood fired pizza oven ensures you choose a top quality oven that will last for a lifetime. You do not need to be an expert on pizza ovens to determine if the oven is well-made and designed for easy use.

Best Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
Best Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Consider Oven Capacity 

There are many different sizes and styles of outdoor pizza ovens. The larger ovens have a greater cooking capacity, allowing you to cook more at one time. It is very common for people to begin to experiment with new foods and favorite recipes in the oven, so larger is typically better.

Size and Weight

A well-designed outdoor wood fired pizza oven is made of stainless steel, brick flooring, and has a powder coating to add to corrosion resistance and style. These are heavy ovens, and they are substantial in width, height, and depth.

Be sure to measure the space you have on the patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen area. This is particularly important if you are purchasing a countertop style or want to build the oven into the outdoor kitchen space.


Take the time to review the reputation of the seller as well as the specific make and model of wood fired pizza oven. Look for high ratings and positive feedback from current owners who have cooked with the oven.

Top brands are fairly competitively priced and are very reasonable for the versatility and practical nature of these outdoor pizza ovens.

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We are the brick oven experts. Our team of artisans and World Champion pizza makers have been building and designing custom wood fired and gas brick ovens worldwide for over 20 years. We have Combined Modern Technology and Old World Tradition to Produce The World’s Best Ovens! Complete Consulting on All Pizza Concepts, Pizza School Taught by world Champion Pizza Makers) Test Kitchens.

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  • Can't start to say how appreciative we are with the excellent customer service we received. Scott was excellent in all aspects of our transaction from start to finish from responding to emails, texts and phones calls, answering all our questions and following up with the final delivery just takes it over the top. Thank you again for all your help

    Frank Gaudio Avatar Frank Gaudio
  • I have the extra-large Neapolitan oven and I am pleased with the quality of the oven. It is well built and very heavy, I had to make a hoist to get it onto the cart. I cooked 10 pizzas and 2 loaves of bread on the first day that I used the oven and got great reviews from my family and friends. I am looking forward to cooking different types of recipes in the oven. Scott was great to work with, I highly recommend Back Yard Brick Ovens to anyone looking for a wood fired oven.

    Michael Zammit Avatar Michael Zammit
  • I don’t even know where to start. I just know that I’m obsessed with this oven and all I do is cook outside now. I haven’t even used my barbecue grill since I got this oven. There’s so many things you can do with it. I entertain a lot so for me this was a home run , my neighbors, friends and family come over to visit and all I wanna do is show off the oven lol if you’re thinking about getting an oven don’t hesitate as you can see from my pictures there’s so many different things you can make with it I learned so much from Scott watching the YouTube videos that he posted everything I made so far has been delicious!!!

    SIG Avatar SIG
  • Scott was great to work with. We received our oven within 3 days. The oven works great and makes delicious pizza. We are extremely happy with this purchase. It’s definitely a lot of fun with family and friends-everyone joins in!!

    Michael DiMaulo Avatar Michael DiMaulo
  • Scott made us an incredible oven. We bought the Forno Bello. We have made amazing pizza in it. It’s also a beautiful oven and makes a great presentation for our mobile pizza truck business. Gets nice a hot and makes pizza in under two minutes and keeps the heat going. He helped us every step of the way helping us decide which oven to purchase. If you need a brick pizza oven look no further Scott is your guy!

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