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 Quatro Cantoni Pizza How To Cook

This is a fun pizza “Quatro Cantoni Pizza” to make and the best part about it is your toppings don’t touch mine!

The Quatro Cantoni pizza and is definitely pizza fun. Quatro meaning 4 and Cantoni (In Italian) meaning corners so you can call this the four corner pie!  You can choose any four toppings you like or even combine multiple toppings on the pizza. We are cooking with wood so we are using fresh mozzarella and nothing but the good stuff!

The braiding of the dough adds a little fun to the pizza and makes it look really nice. You can use straight cuts of dough if you wish to. But the braid is easy to learn and ads that special look! You can make the pizza big for the family or small for two. You can even add a salad section, dessert section and have a whole 4-course meal. The sky is  the limit when it comes to your pizza

The Cantoni is big in Italy and not really seen much in America. But let’s share it make it and enjoy it.  I’m cooking in the  Forno Bello Oven   Extra Large Neapolitan Oven is a nice home oven to cook great pizza in and have fun.

To me pizza is about good times and family it’s my own art and a passion for food. There are so many things to cook and enjoy. Every week I try something different and keep my eye out for great ideas and recipes.  I have been cooking pizza for over 30 years now and truly love the art. So don’t be afraid to try new ideas or burn a few pies, it takes some practice like anything else then you to can master the art of wood fire pizza!  So Love Life Get Cooking The Quatro Cantoni Pizza

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