Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

So, you’ve got a new backyard brick pizza oven to fire up in the backyard. There’s one problem, though. It’s a beautiful summer evening, and you’re getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. We’re going to tell you about plants that keep mosquitoes away naturally. 

We’ve got an excellent solution for you. Insect repellent plants’ effectiveness comes from their fragrances and natural oils. Sure, there are citronella candles, torches, toxic sprays, traps, and much more. 

But why would you use any of that if you could plant something that keeps those nasty biters away? Not only will these plants keep mosquitoes away, but they all give your yard amazing scents. While bug sprays are effective, they cause skin irritation. Keep reading to find out about 5 plants that will keep mosquitoes away. 

The Plants

1.) Lavender

Lavender is a great natural bug repellent, so it’s no secret that this plant puts off a strong scent. It’s used in soaps, creams, oils, and natural bug repellent products. There’s a reason these hardy plants are never destroyed by rabbits or insects. 

The essential oils from lavender affect the mosquito’s ability to smell, so it deters them. Once established, lavender plants are drought resistant and can endure all kinds of environments. 

2. Marigolds

Marigolds are easy-to-grow hardy flowers that release smells that scare off mosquitoes. You can grow them in pots, the ground, or close to your home’s entrance. Border your patio to keep your backyard pizza cooking adventures bug-free!

3. Citronella Grass

This is the most common mosquito deterrent that many of you know about. Citronella grass, or lemongrass, is the number-one ingredient in almost all bug deterrents. Any kind of lemon-scented plant is a great option to keep bugs away. The combination of citrus smells and oils drive bugs up the wall.

4.) Catnip

This herb, while your cats might love it, drives your mosquitoes crazy. Catnip is in the same family as mint, so it is both fragrant and oily. As a plant, catnip is very hardy, so much so that it will invade other parts of your yard if you’re not careful. Catnip is ten times more effective than DEET, the main ingredient in most topical bug sprays. 

5.) Basil 

This is arguably one of the most important toppings on your pizza! This herb keeps both flies and mosquitoes at bay. So, it’s perfect that it is an effective mosquito deterrent. You should use this plant in your garden and near your patio to keep those buzzing biters away while you create your masterpieces!


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