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Make Brick Oven Pizza

The secret of How To Make Brick Oven Pizza at Home! The first thing you need to know is that great pizza making is an art. It’s really not hard to make great pizza, you just have to practice and use good ingredients. Let us start with the dough! A simple recipe that you can use at home is made with high gluten flour, salt, water, yeast, and some olive oil. You can see that recipe on our blog page as well. The next thing is letting the dough rest. The best dough we make is usually two to three days old. The slow fermentation process allows the dough to break down ferment and taste great! So get your dough ready and keep it in the refrigerator. When your dough is ready you also want to let it warm up. This way it stretches nicely and cooks evenly through.

The Sauce. The best way to make the sauce is simple. You need good tomatoes. You can us and should use canned imported Italian tomatoes Look around in a good store you can even find them at many big name grocery stores. Today great tomatoes are easy to find.  I like to use San Marzano tomatoes they are from Itlay a small region called San Marzano. The volcanic soil and perfect climate allows for some great tomatoes that are sold all over the world.  If you can’t find them look for another imported brand and by the best usually the most expensive but we are talking pennies per pizza!

You never cook the sauce for pizza. The tomatoes are already cooked when canned and the high heat of the oven cooks them further when they are on the pizza.  The Best thing to do is keep it simple and pure hand crush them leave lots of chunks in the sauce! Add a little sea salt about a teaspoon for a small can. Add some fresh basil if you like and some fresh chopped garlic.  I like to add a pinch of pepper too. But the funny thing is even without the seasoning they still taste great. Some folks add the basil and oil on the pizza top instead and that’s fine. Pizza is an art and the artist dictates how his pizza will look and taste.


The Cheese. Use the best cheese too. Fresh Mozzarella is best for the authentic taste of brick oven pizza. You can get all kinds of mozzarella buffalo or cows milk both are great. If you are using fresh cheese and it’s very wet or packed in water , break the cheese apart into small chunks and let the water drain out on a plate at room temperature for an hour or so.

Toppings.  That’s a list that can go on forever! Choose what you like, don’t blend too many, because then the flavors get lost. But if you like topping on your pizza be sure they fit together well. Be sure they accomplish the flavor profile you desire. Rember less is more. Keep it simple and tasty. Great pizza is about the dough, the sauce, and the toppings.  I like to enjoy each flavor so my toppings are light and work together well.

The bake: be sure your oven is at a perfect temperature for brick oven style I like my oven at about 7oo f on the surface and get a cook time of two minutes or so. I don’t like it too hot because the pizza needs to cook along with the toppings.  If you have a lot of toppings you may want to cook it for three minutes to get an even bake. No toppings 90 seconds can do it.

I hope you enjoy the art that’s what it’s really about. Loving what you do having fun and cooking great pizza. The rules are simple for How To Make Brick Oven Pizza at Home. Practice, use good flame control,  use good ingredients, not too heavy on the toppings always fresh is best,  and love the art.

Love Life and Make Brick Oven Pizza!


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