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Homemade Rustic Applesauce Recipe

Homemade Rustic Applesauce Recipe

Just thought I would put this one up because it’s great! (I will have some videos coming with this going on top of wood-fired pork chops!)

Applesauce is easy and delicious when done right.  You can use any type of apples. But I like Green apples more tart flavor that goes well with the brown sugar cinnamon nutmeg butter and all the other goodness.

The apple sauce recipe was one that I created in my restaurant years ago. We would serve it with wood-fired center cut pork chops or bone-in chops. We would serve it on the side and finish the chops with it roasted on top of the chops to.

Here is what you need.

4 apples rough cut chunks. I like it chunky and rustic looking when it’s done.

1/4 lb of butter (Love Butter)

2 oz of dried cranberries

2 oz of raisins

1 t spoon of nutmeg

2 cinnamon sticks  (or a teaspoon)

2 oz of walnuts

4 oz of brown sugar

Water:  about 1.5 cups That will vary on what type of pot you’re cooking in

Procedure Homemade Rustic Applesauce Recipe

This is basically a simple dish with lots of flavors.

Place apples in a cast iron sizzle plate add water just enough so the apples are not floating but half way in the water. If you put too little you can add more. If you put too much you can cook it down. But careful you don’t want to burn it or make it too soft. (Another Note with cast iron cooking be sure the pot is clean not full of char or your apple sauce will get a gray color from the char mixing with boiling water. So clean that pot well.)

. (Another Note with cast iron cooking be sure the pot is clean not full of char or your applesauce will get a gray color from the char mixing with boiling water. So clean that pot well.)

Add all ingredients to the apples and mix well.  Place the pot in the oven. Flames should not be too high but the oven should be hot. It takes a while for the pot o heat up. Stir the ingredients every few minutes as it does.

As the mixture boils and evaporates the apples will begin to dissolve as you stir them. Be sure not to burn the cranberries or raisins keep them moist. they can burn easily!

let the dish boil and stir softly

The dish will be done when the apples are soft and the sauce begins to form, stir it up if it’s still watery, let it cook more. The apple sauce should be chunky and thick.  Take it out of the oven then get your pork chops going. When they are almost done you can put some on top and caramelize the apple sauce on top or just serve it on the side.

Make a lot you will love rustic applesauce!

Love Life and Get Cooking!


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