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Have you been searching for the best extra-large outdoor oven to transform your outdoor space into a cooking and entertaining space? At Backyard Brick Ovens, we have the best extra-large backyard ovens for you to master new recipes and cook for your family and friends. Not only will they bring the taste of delicious, wood-fired pizza to your backyard, but they will also add a mouth-watering smoky flavor to all  the recipes you try. Order your extra-large outdoor oven from Backyard Brick Ovens! 

Outdoor Ovens

Whether you’re looking for an extra-large countertop oven or our classic Neapolitan-style ovens, we have a variety of extra-large ovens for you to choose from. The most obvious benefit of an extra-large outdoor pizza oven is its size. They can accommodate large pizzas, allowing you to feed more people in less time! Our selection of extra larges ovens includes: 
Backyard Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
Neapolitan Backyard Oven

Perfect for Large Gatherings

With an extra large outdoor pizza oven, you can cook multiple pizzas at once, making it perfect for large gatherings. Plus, our outdoor brick ovens also work great for cooking a variety of other delicious dishes like bread, roasts, and even desserts.

Why Choose Backyard Brick Ovens?

The outdoor brick pizza ovens from Backyard Brick Oven are designed by world-champion pizza makers. We’ve brought more than 30 years of restaurant experience to bring you high-quality outdoor ovens that you will love. Each of our ovens is made to produce delicious tasting pizza while pushing you to expand your cooking skills. 

If you’re looking for a great way to entertain your family and friends or expand your pizza-making skills, then an extra-large outdoor oven from Backyard Brick Ovens is a perfect choice. With great sizes, convenience, and delicious results, it will be a great addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal. So, order your extra-large outdoor oven today and start cooking!

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  • A big thank you to scot and his team! We were in the market for a pizza oven upgrade . After looking around for a few months I stumbled onto scots company, picked up the phone dialed the number and spoke to scot, he is very passionate about his company and customer service, after we spoke I had no doubt I wanted to purchase an oven from him. Upon arrival I was really surprised how sturdy the build is! Well insulated to retain heat for hours, and really pleasing to the eye. Overall my experience with the oven and scot has been nothing short of pleasant.

    Sergio Hernandez Avatar Sergio Hernandez
  • The best around! Beautiful units, purchasing and pick up was seamless. Professional and friendly staff! Scott was a pleasure to deal with, will definitely be doing future business with them!

    Michael Cullen Avatar Michael Cullen
  • Ordered the grand xl in the new cranberry color. Couldn’t believe how beautiful this new color is. So far we have cooked pizzas, scallops, fish and squash. The unit has surpassed our expectations and is easy to operate. And Scot is the best. He is always there to offer any assistance you may need.

    David Strobert Avatar David Strobert
  • This backyard oven is phenomenal. I really don’t make reviews but this oven deserves one I can make steaks fish, pizza, chicken, you name it I can make it this oven does it all best thing about it it’s affordable and there’s nothing out there like it best oven ever I most definitely recommend this oven. Thank you to Scott and his team at brick oven for helping me find my dream oven.

    jay rodriguez Avatar jay rodriguez
  • Working with Scot was a absolute great experience. Wonderful oven. Accommodated extra needs with no charge whatsoever. I highly recommend doing business with Scott and his business.

    gary lokers Avatar gary lokers

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