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The Art of Backyard Brick Oven Cooking. I absolutely love the Art! I say “Art” not because it’s hard to learn or do, but because each chef or cook has his own style his own flair—just like any artist.

I say “Art” not because it is hard to learn or do. But because each chef or cook has his own unique style and his own flair like any artist.

Anything that you can cook in a home oven, you can cook better in a wood-fired oven!  Things like steak, fish, chicken, bread, vegetables, and of course, great pizza. They all turn out to be incredible in a wood fire brick oven. The reason for this is that the high heat creates great flavor. The charging of the meats, the caramelization of the sugars in the vegetables, the fast-rising and blistering of the dough is what it’s all about. Producing amazing flavors and amazing dishes.

I love to cook steaks in the oven and amazing fish dishes. I use cast iron skillets and cook fast and hot.

It has amazing flavors, like artichokes, roasted peppers, garlic, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh herbs, and white wine. All brought together in a blazing oven and cooked amazingly hot and fast!

So Enjoy the Art and Cook a Master Piece today!




Backyard Brick Ovens

We are the brick oven experts. Our team of artisans and World Champion pizza makers have been building and designing custom wood fired and gas brick ovens worldwide for over 20 years. We have Combined Modern Technology and Old World Tradition to Produce The World’s Best Ovens! Complete Consulting on All Pizza Concepts, Pizza School Taught by world Champion Pizza Makers) Test Kitchens.

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  • I have the extra-large Neapolitan oven and I am pleased with the quality of the oven. It is well built and very heavy, I had to make a hoist to get it onto the cart. I cooked 10 pizzas and 2 loaves of bread on the first day that I used the oven and got great reviews from my family and friends. I am looking forward to cooking different types of recipes in the oven. Scott was great to work with, I highly recommend Back Yard Brick Ovens to anyone looking for a wood fired oven.

    Michael Zammit Avatar Michael Zammit
  • What a great investment that will be used for a very long time. The oven is quality and works perfectly. Easy to set up and cure. Can’t wait to try other things to cook!

    Modesto Reyes Avatar Modesto Reyes
  • Can't start to say how appreciative we are with the excellent customer service we received. Scott was excellent in all aspects of our transaction from start to finish from responding to emails, texts and phones calls, answering all our questions and following up with the final delivery just takes it over the top. Thank you again for all your help

    Frank Gaudio Avatar Frank Gaudio
  • Ordered the grand xl in the new cranberry color. Couldn’t believe how beautiful this new color is. So far we have cooked pizzas, scallops, fish and squash. The unit has surpassed our expectations and is easy to operate. And Scot is the best. He is always there to offer any assistance you may need.

    David Strobert Avatar David Strobert
  • Scot is an absolute pleasure to deal with! He answered all my questions before purchasing and then some. Then when it came time to order he made it so easy. I received the oven and it was amazing everyone is raving about the quality and the look of the oven and of course my pizza. In my opinion if you’re thinking about purchasing an oven it’s a no brainer.

    Anthony Iacobazzi Avatar Anthony Iacobazzi

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