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About Our Brick Ovens

About Our Brick Ovens Love life and get cooking! Backyard Brick Ovens wants everyone to experience slow-cooked food in all its glory with our authentic outdoor woodfired pizza ovens. As world-champion pizza makers, we sell high-quality, Italian-designed pizza ovens. Let us share our passion for wood-fired cooking with you and assist you in finding the best brick oven we have to offer.

Neapolitan Family outdoor ovens

Neapolitan Family Ovens

Our Neapolitan Family outdoor ovens are wood-fired ovens used in traditional Italian cooking. This oven is named after the region of Naples, Italy where they have been used for centuries. This is one of our favorite ovens because it is designed to be used with wood fuel and typically has a large, flat cooking surface. It is also known for its dome shaped top.  More specifically, besides being a great looking oven its built with 3mm of molded steel on the out side and inside making it a truly heavy duty  oven.

Backyard Brick Ovens provides customers with tools, an outdoor cover, and a stand when they purchase the Neapolitan Family Oven. The design allows for easy mobility within an outdoor kitchen and has heavy-duty stainless steel to provide longevity. 4 casters tools and outdoor cover  with free shipping!

About Our Brick Ovens

About Brick OvensExtra Large Ovens

The extra-large outdoor ovens are specially designed for customers who want more functionality out of the oven. Customers with families or who enjoy hosting get-togethers will find pleasure in this large outdoor wood fired pizza oven.

When using an extra-large brick oven it will take about 35 minutes to heat well. We recommend that you start the fire on the center of the  floor and use only hard kiln dried hard wood. The best wood is oak because it burns hot and last longer. But like any wood it must be dry otherwise it will make smoke and wont be a good cooking fire or experience.   Get the fire going and keep the vent on open. Once you see the fire lit well  close the door and let the fire continue to burn , adding wood as needed.  The secret is to get the floor hot first. Then push the coals over to the left  Be sure to use the paralegne- wood holder this lets the wood burn better and keeps the floor area cleaner . Put it on top of the bed  of coals add a piece of wood or two let that ignite close the door until it dies down a bit. Then you should be ready to rock the pizza world.

More Backyard Brick Oven Tips!  

Remember practice makes perfect so when your cooking your first pizza you might burn the side or the top. I always tell people to have a few pizza doughs extra and put some sauce on them so they can practice first. No need to burn you pizza and not have any on the first shot!

Use Semolina number one (Durham flour)  on your pizza peel Semolina number one is a flour and is granular and yellows it make the pizza come off the peel easy. It’s also what all  pasta is made from . You can also push your dough in it as well it will create a unique flavor and texture instead of regular flour. Semolina Flour

Start with a smaller Fire.   Get use to the top heat and moving your pizza around. Once your pizza is in the oven let it rise a minute or 30 seconds ,  and then try to move it carefully while sliding the peel in .  You want to make sure the bottom is cooking so you don’t rip the pizza. Practice turning the pizza by putting the peal in and out.  


Always use granite or (a steel table)  because granite can take the heat!  

Our outdoor ovens can be built into a kitchen counter, or they can be purchased as a stand-alone unit. The larger the brick oven, the more heat that it can retain,  and the easer it is to manage pizza cooking.  The extra space makes it ideal for those who require larger cooking and baking areas.

Our ovens are also incredibly durable. The brick and steel walls can withstand extreme temperatures and the ranges can last for years with proper maintenance. This makes them an ideal choice for commercial out door  kitchens that need a reliable, high-quality oven.


Countertop pizza oven

Countertop Ovens

Backyard Brick Ovens countertop oven is a great way to bring a little bit of the old-world charm of brick ovens into your outdoor kitchen. One of the great features of countertop brick ovens is their ability to move easily. This is great for those who don’t have a dedicated spot for a larger oven.  Or for those who may just want to move the oven around to different areas of the outdoor kitchen. Countertop brick ovens also offer a unique aesthetic to any kitchen. The rustic look of the oven adds a touch of character and charm to any space. Plus, the brick material is excellent for heat retention and insulation, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection every time. Backyard Brick Oven also sells countertops that work with all our ovens and can be purchased separately or together.

Choosing The Right One For You

All three of our outdoor  wood fired pizza ovens offer similar and different attributes. It may be hard to know which one will provide the most benefits for your outdoor kitchen needs. We suggest taking a setback and understanding what you are trying to achieve with the outdoor oven. Once you’ve decided what need it will satisfy, you should then choose the size of the oven and if a countertop is required. You can also call and speak to one of the crew we are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions.   Love Life and Get Cooking!

Backyard Brick Ovens is excited for you to take the next step in having your own outdoor brick oven! We want to provide you with all the tools and information you need to make a decision. Contact us today to get started!

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Backyard Brick Ovens

We are the brick oven experts. Our team of artisans and World Champion pizza makers have been building and designing custom wood fired and gas brick ovens worldwide for over 20 years. We have Combined Modern Technology and Old World Tradition to Produce The World’s Best Ovens! Complete Consulting on All Pizza Concepts, Pizza School Taught by world Champion Pizza Makers) Test Kitchens.

Find Out Why Customers Love Our

Brick Ovens

  • Amazing backyard oven.... looks beautiful, cooks even better.... I highly recommend this oven.... Owners are knowledgeable and always willing to help with questions or concerns.... I like it so much that I could with it almost every day.... Love it....

    Brancato's Brick Oven Brancato Avatar Brancato's Brick Oven Brancato
  • I absolutely love love love my oven. Scott was such a gentleman and he is very helpful in helping you get started with your oven. The quality of his ovens are amazing and strong and do the job to perfection . These are some of the pies I made in the Forno

    Gina Bove Harason Avatar Gina Bove Harason
  • A big thank you to scot and his team! We were in the market for a pizza oven upgrade . After looking around for a few months I stumbled onto scots company, picked up the phone dialed the number and spoke to scot, he is very passionate about his company and customer service, after we spoke I had no doubt I wanted to purchase an oven from him. Upon arrival I was really surprised how sturdy the build is! Well insulated to retain heat for hours, and really pleasing to the eye. Overall my experience with the oven and scot has been nothing short of pleasant.

    Sergio Hernandez Avatar Sergio Hernandez
  • I will never use my bbq again!!! I received my oven a week ago and I have spent the past few days cooking up a storm for the family and neighbors. It is a beautiful oven and you can tell by the craftsmanship that it is made to last. It was easy to put the stand together, and I was lucky to have some friends come by and help me lift the oven top onto the stand. Screwed on the vent pipe and it was ready to go. I must also say the customer service was friendly and amazing... I called Scot with a few questions and he took the time to answer them all and tell me about the oven. By far the best price online by far, and the shipping was free. I plan on spending alot of time in the yard this year, and now I will be able to enjoy my passion for cooking all season long.

    Andrew Scudera Avatar Andrew Scudera
  • Purchased the family oven. Researched a bunch of other companies before making this purchase. Called to talk to someone at the company and actually spoke to Scot the owner. He has very nice, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions, before and after the transaction. The oven came exactly when he said it would come. It was packaged very well. I am very impressed with the quality of construction. Have used the oven several times already and it works amazingly. Scot and his company have surpassed my expectations. It’s nice to know there are still companies out there that still build quality products. It has also been a pleasure to be able to speak to someone and not AI when I had questions.

    Adam Hagermann Avatar Adam Hagermann

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